Brands still shouting to be heard

With @kingjames​ returning to Cleveland, we can all sit back and watch how many self-proclaimed social media gurus try to repeat the Oreo/Super Bowl effect. 

So far, every attempt I’ve seen is like someone’s mom trying to hang out in her kid’s treehouse – trying way too hard to fit in. This first example from Bud Light is just sad. I think my teenager has better Photoshop skills.



Sherwin Williams is the only example I’ve seen so far that hit the right tone, right message and actually showed some relevance. Plus, they’re headquartered in Cleveland, so the connection makes sense. 

LinkedIn Looking for More Engagement

Some things recently happened in the LinkedIn universe that might indicate how various networking channels are racing to a similar playground:
  1. The site added a profile ranking that pits your profile views against your LinkedIn universe. Not quite as pushy as a Klout score but is it enough to nudge people worried about such things to get more active on LinkedIn? Gamification is just another term for behavior modification. LinkedIn provides you advice on how to move up in the rankings such as sharing more updates or joining specific groups related to your skill set. Read more on VentureBeat.
  2. Why LinkedIn might be doing this:
    • Recent updates to Klout positions it as a content machine for your personal brand, giving you aggregated articles from the WWW that you can easily post from Klout (with kustom url shortener) to Twitter, etc. complete with scheduling posts to go out at the “right” time, according to them.
    • BranchOut which is kind of like LinkedIn, but within a Facebook app and claims to have 800 million users. It fails to mention if these are active users but maybe LinkedIn is sweating that.
  3. LinkedIn also owns SlideShare and a week ago, that service shut down any more Pro account sign ups, announcing that they are revamping their Pro account. Will it be relaunch with more overt ties to LinkedIn? 

Care for a side of spam with that phone?

Saw this in my feeds this morning: 

Sweet Labs Thinks It Can Make Crapware a Little Less Crappy

One of the unsung “features” I loved about Apple way back in the days of the desktop OS battle (we’ve all moved on, right?) was a Mac was a Mac was a Mac. My friend’s Toshiba running Windows would be completely different from my other friend’s HP version of Windows because of all the spamware a manufacturer would pre-load and most people were either too befuddled, tolerant or lazy to remove all the wares. 
I know iOS preloads its own li’l set of apps on phones and iPads, but even if you hide its Maps app in favor of Google or Waze, at least they aren’t spammy. Maybe this Sweet Labs thing is a bright light for Android and Windows phone users.