The campaign is dead. Long live the campaign.

We’re all connected.

It’s all connected.

24/7 news cycles; Twitter; Instagram; Socialcam; supercomputers in our pockets.

The connected lifestyle leaves less room for the ultra controlled approach to campaign windows and push messaging. Instead, we need to realize that a campaign is but one node on a continually morphing communication stream. I first heard the notion of “brand as API” from Farrah Bostic at Planningness 2011. Below is a presentation from the 2012 SXSW Interactive which provides some great examples of brands as API. Personally, I spearheaded a project with Subaru and MapMyFITNESS which led to the launch of MapMyDOGWALK brought to the world solely by Subaru.

Do is greater than Say

While the notion of a TV campaign seems quaint, it still has a rightful seat at the table, along with branded content and a continual presence on Social and Interest graphs. What are you doing to help your clients embrace the notion of open environments that an API affords?