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Fast Facts: Socialcam and Viddy

What is Social Video?

It’s not news that millions of people around the world are using Social Media and making connections new and old. In turn, the visual web has also experienced an explosion as millions share their latest photo via Instagram or latest obsession on Pinterest across their networks like Facebook and Twitter. With ever-increasing data speeds in the smartphone universe, the trend of images as the way to share is being joined by images of the moving variety. Since it’s so simple to whip out your phone and switch on the camera, people are capturing more and more of their life moments in video.


Two smartphone apps currently duking it out to be king of the Social Video hill are Socialcam (iOS and Android) and Viddy (iOS only). Both apps make it a cinch to take quick video snapshots of your life and seamlessly post those videos to Facebook and Twitter. Like Instagram, both also have their own eco-system within the app, highlighting people you follow as well as popular videos. Not sure whom to follow? Simply connecting your Social accounts lets you see who among your friends is already using the app making it easy to build up a newsfeed.

How can brands make the most of Social Video?

If your company has people capturing video content on the fly, at sponsored events and trade shows for example, it makes sense to capture that content with an app that has social sharing as part of its DNA. The other advantage social video apps offer is the immediacy the medium offers, letting people feel like they’re part of something while it happens. Here is a sample workflow for how a brand could use a single log in from multiple phones to create a unified newsfeed.

Socialcam unified flow

A critical guiding principle for any brand venturing into social video (any social networking actually) is using the channel as an opportunity to humanize your brand and reveal another dimension to your personality.

What can a brand do to partner?

$0 to set up an account. Both Socialcam and Viddy offer ways to integrate brands at deeper levels. For instance, the Vans Warped Tour partnered with Viddy to create custom video filters and Snoop Dogg and other recording artists offer samples of their music to enhance your video. Using a hashtag and geo-location, the Washington Post used the Socialcam API to gather Olympics stories around London.

3 Steps to creating and sharing

Step 1: Shoot a new video or select a saved video on your phone. While Socialcam doesn’t limit video length, Viddy only allows clips up to 15 seconds. This seems like a limitation but depending on how you want to use video and understanding your intended audience, 15 seconds could just be the type of restriction that is beneficial.

Step 2: Add filters and soundtracks. Like Instagram, both apps come with a wide selection of filters to enhance your movie allowing you take your pristine HD video and make it look like your parent’s crappy Super 8. The added bonus with a video app is they offer a decent number of music options to give your video another dimension. The volume of the soundtrack can be adjusted, letting you mix in the recorded audio or cover it over completely with music.

Step 3: Save your video to the app’s stream and also share it to connected accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Similar but different.

I did a quick audit of some key features for both Socialcam and Viddy. In my book, Socialcam gives a better overall experience for the both you, the creator and the people who will ultimately be watching your vids. It’s got more ways to share and it also plays nice with others, working with both Facebook and Twitter to play within the news feeds which is essential to a good user experience.

Social Video: Compare Socialcam and Viddy

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Sharing on Google+

For my previous post, I just checked the box “Also send email to Your circles” when I shared to to my Google+ page to see what happens. Almost immediately got an email reply and a +1.

Google+ should give me feedback on open rates for that since I bet it’s better than merely sharing with my circles in the main feed. Not that I’m going to do it constantly, but it’s nice to know there’s an option to amp something I’m sharing if I think it’s important for a specific circle of people.